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We proudly rent Magnum Bikes!

In our fleet we have Magnum Ui5 and Ui6, but special requests are available upon request. Just add your preference to the notes when booking online if you would like to try a different model of electric bike. (See all of our ebikes on our Shop Ebikes page.)

Renting an ebike is a great way to tour Salt Lake City, enjoy a date night, hang with friends, or just get out of the house for some fresh air!

Our office is just east of Liberty Park, Salt Lake City. Stop in any time to see our fleet or call 801-997-0002 to make an appointment.

Magnum Ui5 and Ui6

A beautifully designed, purpose built, affordable electric bike well suited to urban riding or commuting
Step-thru frame is easy to mount.

Strong 350 watt motor paired with a large 36 volt 13 amp hour battery pack, offers both pedal assist and throttle mode.

One-cable design connecting the display to the controller eliminating excess cables running to the controller.
Built in USB charge point turns your ebike battery into a power supply for all mobile devices
One year comprehensive warranty.

We rent Magnum Ui5 and Ui6 electric bikes, but other models are available upon request. If you would like to try a different model, please make a note in your online reservation.

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Curious about purchasing an electric bike? Test ride any of our ebikes!

  • Magnum Cruiser Ebike

    Magnum Cruiser
  • Magnum Peak Ebike

    Magnum Peak
  • Magnum Metro Ebike

    Magnum Metro
  • Magnum Metro Plus Ebike

    Magnum Metro+
  • Magnum Premium Ebike

    Magnum Premium
    48 High Step
  • Magnum Premium 48 Low Step Ebike

    Magnum Premium
    48 Low Step
  • Magnum Mi5 Ebike

    Magnum Mi5
  • Magnum Classic Ebike

    Magnum Classic
    Low Step

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Ebike Rentals

Group Outing

Friends, co-workers, or organized groups can get out and do something different while having fun and getting fresh air around Salt Lake City.

Date Night

Don’t worry about showing up to a nice restaurant sweaty from working hard to bike. You can use as much or as little energy as you want.

Try Before You Buy

Buying an electric bike can be a wonderful investment. It can also be a big one financially. Rent an electric bike first so you can get an idea of what you want in an ebike.

Worry Free Going Downtown Salt Lake City

Traffic and parking downtown can be a hassle. Riding a bike gets you around all the cars and no need to circle the block to find a parking spot.

See More In Short Amount Of Time

Electric bikes get you where you want to go faster. If you have a short amount of time but want to get out, an ebike is a great way.

Explore Your Surroundings

Driving the same route you see the same thing day after day. You also have the same view from the window of your car. Getting on an ebike allows you to go a different route and have a full 360 degree view.